New Affiliate Program!

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The Oily Amulet is super excited to announce our new affiliate program!

Word of mouth is truly important to all small businesses and after two years we know that our growth is mainly due to our amazing customers telling their friends and colleagues about their fantastic pieces from The Oily Amulet.

....and on that note - a very big THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. I have some of the most amazing customers ever!

That's why I wanted to create this affiliate program, for you!

As an independent female small business owner + artist + creator + packager + accountant + errand runner ( you get the picture :p ) --- My heart and soul go into my business and into every package that these fingers wrap a bow around. Without my super amazing customers and such positive reviews, The Oily Amulet simply would not exist.

Click here if you want to become an affiliate!

So, if you've been one of my long time customers or maybe you're a new customer and love your pieces and can't stop yourself from sharing about how much you love them... You can now earn a percentage of each sale you bring to the Oily Amulet. That's pretty awesome and what's better than a dual back scratch? Not much... Aside from getting a new Oily Amulet in the mail! :)

Just make sure that you have a PayPal account email (that's what payments are sent through) and you can login to your dashboard and view lots of cool stuff like your commissions, your special affiliate link, easy to share marketing material, and newsletters!

Thanks again for being a part of The Oily Amulet and if you choose to signup as an affiliate, we can't wait to have you on the team!

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Learning to Use Your Essential Oils Safely

Here at The Oily Amulet, not only do I make essential oil jewelry, but I'm an avid essential oil user and a believer in advocating the safe usage of essential oils and spreading this knowledge. Go figure, I make essential oil jewelry and use essential oils - who knew?

Even after 15+ years of using essential oils, there are times that I find myself learning new information and unfortunately coming across bad and potentially harmful information regarding the usage of these very potent and powerful oils. The world of essential oils is very large and with it comes a lot of misinformation being presented to the public. Guidance from an actual trained and certified aromatherapist during learning to use essential oils is so important for your own safety as well as your family.

After years of doing my own research, I finally came across an Essential Oil Safety Group on Facebook that was giving out useful, honest, and valid information by certified aromatherapist, Lea Harris. She has created so many amazing free resources available here and is truly a brilliant aromatherapist and teacher.

Recently I had the pleasure of taking Lea's UEOS 101 Basics Course as a VIP member and this course was FILLED with so much useful information that is perfect for beginners to intermediate essential oil users.

One of the most important things you can do in this life is to continually educate yourself and keep an open mind when coming across information that is contrary to what you've been told or taught.

Essential Oil Safety Course

Hundreds of people have taken her Essential Oils Basics Course and have raved about the information they have learned and the fluidity of the course. Speaking from my own experience in taking the course - I AGREE! Not only do you learn valuable information, but she includes extremely useful printouts that covers each lesson, quizzes, and a final exam where you can earn your own Essential Oil Safety Advocate Certificate!

The regular Course Includes ALL of this:

  • 6 Modules with 49 lessons taught by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Harris - $499 value!
  • Downloadable PDF notes, charts, and printables - $129 value!
  • BONUS Blending module - $149 value
  • Access to PRIVATE FB coaching group - $199 value
  • Certificate of Completion - priceless!
  • "Essential Oil Safety Advocate" title with passing score of optional final exam - priceless!
  • Lifetime Access


... or you can go a step further and upgrade to the VIP for extra perks (An Oily Amulet perk as well!) Here is what the VIP Course includes:

All of the above, plus...

As if that is not enough, VIPers will also receive...

  • 25% off coupon on future products by Lea (including courses!) - no expiration!
  • Lotus Diffuser Necklace* from The Oily Amulet - request yours before April 30th
  • $25 off coupon on RiverTree Life's Essential Basics DIY Kit - expires April 30th
  • 10% off coupon at Wingsets - expires May 31st

*for US residents (non-US residents only pay shipping)

Using this course you will go from Beginner to Confident User!

Who wants to join me and the thousands of others who want to learn to use Essential Oils Safely for yourself and for your family?


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