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Is YOUR Essential Oil Jewelry doing more HARM than good?

Felt Diffuser Pads... They are NOT created equally! 

What kind are you using? There is a reason why you need to know what material your felt is made out of, and which felt you should NOT use! We only use natural merino wool/rayon blended felt, but whether you use an Oily Amulet or not, if you use essential oil jewelry this information is relevant to you. If your felt pads are acrylic, polyester, or "eco" friendly; they should not be used with your diffuser necklace or have essential oils applied to them. Why? Undiluted essential oils are strong enough to break down plastics which contaminate your oils. So, do you know what material your felt diffuser pads are made out? More information in our video!

At The Oily Amulet we recorded a LIVE Facebook video all about this subject that you can watch here:

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