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The Oily Amulet's Valentine's Day Story - PART 1 - Aphrodisiacs



     There she sat in the glistening sunlight looking into the distance, the window panes still covered in frost, but the warmth of the morning sun's golden rays had tiny water drops falling to the window sill. Between her thumb and index finger she clutched tightly to The Oily Amulet that he had given to her for her last birthday. The scent of peppermint filled her senses as she brought it up to her nose and caressed her lips with the metal bail, the familiar clinking of the chain as she moved it back and forth. The long cold winter on the old farm had kept her mind in a state of longing, her grandmother had always said that daydreaming was foolhardy when there was important work to be done.  

     Across the room her cell phone chimed, was it her lover? She missed him and longed for his touch, when they embraced it created tiny sparks all over her skin that seemed to linger for an eternity. Knowing that she needed him like spring flowers needed the damp earth after the winter's snow had all melted away.

     Putting her feet down on the cold wooden planks, the old farmhouse floor moaned with age but refused to waiver as she made her way across her bedroom. Hesitation set in as she went to glance down at her phone, what if it wasn't him, what if it was him? The phone chimed again and illuminating the screen was a message from her love and it read:

Front Door

     Her heart was in her throat as she ran down the hall to the front door. Unlatching the old brass bolt lock and fumbling with the frigidly cold door knob, she noticed a small burst of color through the stained glass. The screen door springs creaked with a metallic scream and she set her eyes on the beautiful vase of flowers setting over to the side on her grandmother's old sewing stool. Blooming white lilies, golden yellow roses, babies breath, and greenery that made her heart fill with love and reminisce of her garden in the spring, all of her favorites.

     Picking up the flowers and making her way back into the house, she moved closer to the warmth of the fireplace. Placed the flowers on the mantle and gently brushed her fingers along the soft petals of the rose, breathing in the delicious aromas, and plucked the small note from within the bountiful bouquet. Plain, white vellum, black ink, scrawled onto the card the words made her giddy with excitement. His handwriting was beautiful and nearly matched her own, the little note read:

Meet me?

2/14 at 7pm at our old spot.

Miss you.


     How could she not? She loved and needed him near. This time she wouldn't let him go and so she decided to do everything in her power to get him closer and keep him here with her or travel the world with him and leave it all behind.

"Where to start?" she quietly mumbled to herself.

"An aphrodisiac!" she exclaimed!

     Her best friend mentioned making her own "sensual" blend with essential oils and she was up to creating a little bit of magic. That night she planned her recipe after researching her favorite online resource for essential oils at ... She never had a concoction that failed her when trying any of Lea's recipes and recommended advice, after all she was a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and that had to stand for something.

     Time to brew. Not having everything in her cabinet to create Lea's Infatuation recipe she looked over the best aphrodisiac oils and what she would be able to create herself.

Cananga, Jasmine, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, Coffee, Coriander, Rose, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Vanilla...

     Knowing and being confident that she could create her own Master Blend and add it to her essential oil diffuser necklace or the small lava bead diffuser bracelet she had made for herself. Lea also recommended adding it to her favorite unscented lotion and she also loved adding oils to a Rosehip and Jojoba oil blend she liked to use as a massage oil.

     This was a very important date for her, reuniting with her soulmate, and she wasn't taking any chances. She would need to experiment to create the perfect sensual aphrodisiac essential oil blend for her to use with the oils that she had on hand.

Already she could feel his breath on her neck, sparks were igniting within, she was overcome with absolute love and joy, but the question remained...

What recipe would she create?


STAY TUNED... The Story with a Recipe will continue NEXT WEEK!


Copyright DeShea Bentley 1/25/2019

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