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The Oily Amulet's Valentine's Day Story - PART 2 - Aphrodisiacs


     The smell of essential oils and herbs permeated the air and the faint notes of Debussy's Rêverie (listen along herecould be heard throughout the old house. Morning light had already began shining through breaks in the chartreuse velvet drapes, wielding to sunbeams that painted obscure lines on the plaster wall and wainscoting. The parlor had become one of the most loved rooms in the house as it boasted ample space for entertaining and a Steinway square piano that Diana’s great great grandfather acquired for his cherished wife. A tired brass table lamp flickered near the wall of books in a cove near the back of the room, several tapered candles had burned out leaving small puddles of white wax on the fireplace mantle. A collection of books, journals, and guides trailed from the worn velvet chaise lounge to the clawed foot desk where she lay sleeping amongst the words.

     Generations of the Edward family had walked the same Oriental rugs, lounged on the same dusty antique furniture, and deliberated many thoughts over the same leather crowned desk. You could see the visible wear and ink stains from the prominent right handed penning of many letters and journals. This was the home that she grew up in and not much had changed in her thirty-three years on this Earth. She had left once to embark on a new journey and live a fast paced life in the big city of New York, but as her grandmother’s health had declined, she moved back home to care for her. Diana owed this much to her grandmother and more for having raised her like her own daughter.

     Lilian Edward was a hardworking woman and she instilled those same ethics into her granddaughter Diana, there was always time to do a little more work at the end of the day. Her love of cooking, baking, brewing up herbs, tinctures, music and art is something she also passed down to her granddaughter. Many nights were spent listening to classical or folk music from old records on the turntable, while herbs were being hung to dry, teas were steeping, or oils were being infused. Television was not a piece of their household and entertainment could be found at the piano which was played nearly everyday or in the books that covered the parlor walls like an old European library. The smell of the leather bound books was intoxicating to Diana and would invoke fond memories with her grandmother.

     While books had been her friends for many long nights and years, she felt a loneliness deep within that ached to be close to another soul as unique as her own. The long winter did nothing to help her loneliness and she immersed herself in all types of interests. Herbs and oils had become one of her favorite subjects and she read every book and article that she could get her freckled hands on. Yes, pale and freckled hands to go along with her dark auburn hair and hazel eyes, a family trait that many in the Edwards family shared. Diana had often wished that people would not tease or point out her red hair. This had become a sore subject for her from childhood since being bombarded with so many questions and comments. “Are you a real redhead?”, “Is your temper as fiery as your hair?”, “If you could bottle your hair color you’d be a millionaire.” Her favorite was “Do gingers have a soul?” and so on… It only became old after the thousandth time of hearing the same repetitious spiel and she wondered if brunettes and blondes had an equivalent to the teasing redheads endured.

     That night Diana fell asleep long after the hands on the grandfather waved past midnight and the bells tolled. Her research had been fruitful and she had started writing different variations of an Aphrodisiac essential oil recipe. One of her favorite and most valuable resources was a signed copy of Lea Jacobson’s Essential Oil Profiles reference manual (get yours here), one of her many essential oil treasures she kept near, just like her Oily Amulet diffuser jewelry.

     Even while her head was filled with the top notes, heart notes, and base notes from citrus fruits to differentiating the properties of three different types of cedarwood essential oils, her dreams led an entirely different route. Diana’s dream realm was consumed with images of the man she met so many years ago, William. His eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes that changed from the brightest of sparkling sapphire blue to a turquoise that reminded her of an algae rich Alpine river. Dark brown hair that gleamed with strands of chestnut blonde in the sunlight, and skin that glowed with a golden tan. He reminded her of some ancient Greek God. Not that she had a chance to meet many ancient Greek Gods, but she thought he was a prime candidate. The clock chimed seven times and she awoke happily with visions of this Greek God, despite the red paper creases on her face and aching neck.

     She went to make herself tea, English breakfast tea, with a proper splash of milk and a well needed splash of warm water to her face. Recollecting memories of William as she paced the hallway parquet toward the parlor. They had met nearly six years ago at a local craft fair where Diana and her grandmother sold their soaps, tinctures, aromatherapy tidbits, and essential oils. William’s business was looking for new products to bring in to his “big city” store. Diana told herself more than once that she would never admit to love at first sight, but her soul was drawn to him from the first moment she heard his deep throaty voice, even before they locked eyes… “Oh those dreamy blue eyes.” she said to herself.

     “Enough daydreaming!” she exclaimed. Her aphrodisiac essential oil recipe still had to be created. She had already narrowed down the list of oils that were known for their seductive properties and she knew that each oil would have a place in one of three categories. Top notes were always the most volatile and dissipated the quickest, fruity and citrusy. Middle notes would create balance and bring together the true heart of the fragrance, bewitching the wearer and those around them. Base notes will help to dramatically enrich and deepen the heart notes to create a smooth and lasting finish. Together all three would create an intoxicating and beguiling aphrodisiac essential oil blend that would leave a lasting memory.

the oily amulet essential oil recipe aphrodisiac essential oil jewelry
Yes, this is an actual photo of the Aphrodisiac Recipe being created and written down in a leather bound journal, by candle light, because why? Well, why not?!

     She lit another candle, opened her leather bound journal, dipped her pen in ink, and got to work. The grandfather clock continued to chime, she now had her massive box of essential oils on the large oak kitchen table testing the final three variations of her aphrodisiac essential oil recipe. Placing a single drop of each blend on three different felt pads, taking her time and allowing her olfactory senses and intuition to guide her, she had finally found her perfect aphrodisiac blend.

Diana would name it after the Greek Goddess of Love herself if she was trying to seduce this Greek God and so she called it simply...

Aphrodite's Aphrodisiac

Tangerine - 18 drops

Bergamot - 18 drops

Ylang Ylang - 20 drops

Sandalwood - 14 drops

Cedarwood - 12 drops

Vanilla 12% - 10 drops

Manuka - 8 drops

The question is, would it work?

To be continued… but until then, please take a moment to pin this amazing recipe!

Please note that this story and essential oil blend is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

DO NOT INGEST! The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

STORY & ALL IMAGES - COPYRIGHT THE OILY AMULET 2019 - This text is not to be altered or reproduced without prior consent. Don't be a thief or we're going to have a beef.

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