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The Oily Amulet's Valentine's Day Story - PART 3 - Aphrodisiacs


     Diana sat at her bedroom’s vanity and stared into the distressed antique mirror reflecting before her. Her soft black silk robe falling to the side of the vanity’s velvet stool. Every tick of the clock made her heart beat a little faster, tonight was very special and long awaited. She pulled her curled hair back away from her face and wondered if William would still recognize her after all of these years had passed. Carefully she applied her ivory foundation, set with a luminescent powder, applying a thin line of a dark brown eyeliner to enhance the soft gold eyeshadow, curling her eyelashes with a quick swipe of mascara, and lightly blushed her cheekbones with a pinkish highlighter. Her long auburn hair was always somewhat unruly, but she did her best to keep it in place with a small peacock shaped rhinestone barrette she had found in an eccentric little thrift store on Canal street during her time in Manhattan.

     Standing from her vanity bench, the soft folds of her silk robe billowed quietly along the wooden floors of her bedroom. Opening the door of her large armoire that she kept her most favorite clothes in, she selected a black cocktail dress that never failed to accentuate her elegant neckline with its plunging “v” shape and cinched in waist. She hung it on the armoire door and decided to apply the special lotion she had made with her new aphrodisiac essential oil blend that she created (see bottom for pinned recipe). The lotion smelled heavenly, the citrus was more fragrant at first, but she recognized the floral aroma fluttering along the spicier base notes as it absorbed into her soft skin. She always kept an unscented organic lotion to use as a base for her all of her essential oil blending. Slipping into the dress feet first, she pulled the stretchy fabric up over her black lace panties, zipped the side, and tied the halter behind her neck. Unlike many women, she didn’t have an army of footwear to stand behind every outfit, so she carefully unboxed her black leather pumps and slid them on her feet. She reached for a medium weight shawl that was embellished with beautiful black beadwork and lace, draping it across her shoulders and allowing loose curls to fall upon the soft fabric.

     Diana stood in front of the full length mirror on her closet door, something was missing...

“Of course! Jewelry!” She exclaimed!

     She moved quickly over to her jewelry chest, heels clicking on the floor boards, and chose one of her favorite Oily Amulet Exclusive Necklaces, the Mandala design (view the necklace she chose here) and a small pair of diamond stud earrings. One drop of her Aphrodite’s Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Blend on the natural felt pad within would do just fine! Standing again in front of the mirror she placed her necklace lovingly around her neck, along with the earrings and shawl, she was so excited and felt ready despite butterflies flying fervently in her belly.

     The cellphone buzzed on the nightstand a coldness came across her. She hesitated to move near it. Another buzz. She walked over, holding her breath and closed her eyes.

     With a deep exhale she looked down. Her heart sank to what felt like the deepest depths of an abyss in the icy waters of the Arctic. She set the phone back down turning the screen away from her.

     Diana moved quietly back to her armoire and undressed herself, carefully placing her heels in their cardboard box, hanging her shawl and dress back in their respective places. She tied her robe’s silken cord around her waist and sat at the edge of her bed. The old wooden bed-frame creaked with a low sadness, she felt the same way. Her cat, Mrs. Peekers, meowed and brushed against her legs nudging her slippers nearer.

“It’s okay Mrs. Peekers, just you and I tonight, let’s go get something to snack on.” Diana said.

“Meow.” Mrs. Peekers responded happily.

     They walked down the stairs together and straight to the kitchen. Two crystal champagne glasses set on the counter, sparkling beautifully in the glow of moonlight. Diana filled one with ground chicken livers for Mrs. Peekers who was overly delighted. A bottle of Prosecco was chilling in fridge, with  a quick pop, Diana filled her own glass and with the bottle in tow, she made her way down the hall and into the parlor.

Click. Thump. Click. Click. Click. 

     Music began to play from the turntable and echo throughout the house (you can listen to Diana’s music choice here - we recommend listening as you read from this point). She pulled the heavy drapes together, closing off the outside world. While it may have also kept the cold winter chill out, she felt an irreparable coldness in her soul.

     Diana knelt before the fireplace and turned the gas lever on, this was an upgrade she enjoyed after years of helping her grandmother haul in wood and haul out ashes. She sat there warming her hands and staring into the flames. Her heart ached. Something caught her eye, glancing to her left, she noticed a book setting near the fireplace.

“That’s odd, I didn’t get any books out today.” She said hesitantly.

     Grasping it with her left hand, she felt the old binding and the cover. Her fingers traced the words and an embossed flower on the front cover; “Lilian Edwards” the gold print had began to fade. The emerald green book belonged to her grandmother and she had not seen it for many years. Carefully she began to thumb through the pages of her grandmother’s beautiful script and landed on a page that a small violet had lovingly been pressed between.

Tears welted up in Diana’s eyes as she read;

My beautiful granddaughter with flowing auburn hair, your soul has always shined so brightly. Your smile, just as your father’s, would fill my heart with a happiness that could never be replaced. My most desired wish for you is to find this same happiness that I have known. When I move on from this world to the next, please remember how much I love you, and someday we will meet again.
“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” -Victor Hugo (Les Miserables)


     Diana’s tears fell to the page, she closed the book and held it tightly as she brought it up to her heart. Her chest heaved with breaths of sorrow and happiness together as her mind flooded with memories. She felt the warmth of her grandmother surround her and feed her tired soul.

     There was a loud knock at the door that startled Diana, she was no longer expecting any visitors, had something happened? Her heart began beating rapidly once more.

     Drying her tears with her robe, she cleared her throat and stood up tall with renewed strength. Making her way to the front door she unlatched the sticky locks and there stood a figure in the freshly fallen snow. 

     Her breath stopped, frozen in the chilling air, time seemed to stand still. His head bowed, dusted in snow, she reached out and lifted his chin. His blue eyes met hers with the same profound desire and longing. They embraced, snow falling delicately on her warm flesh, and he nestled his face to the warmth of her neck, placing soft kisses along her jawline until their lips met for the first time in so many years.

     As she led him into through the front door he whispered into her ear “My beautiful Diana, you smell delectable.”

She smiled.

The front door to the old farmhouse closed, the cold brass bolt lock clicked back into place, and music continued to play through the night, as snow continued to fall on this Valentine evening.


The End... Or is it?


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Please note that this story and essential oil blend is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

DO NOT INGEST! The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

STORY & ALL IMAGES - COPYRIGHT THE OILY AMULET 2019 - This text is not to be altered or reproduced without prior consent. Don't be a thief or we're going to have a beef.

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  • Aww, that was a beautiful story, and the music fit it perfectly!

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