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The Taxation Relaxation Essential Oil Blend Recipe

The Countdown is on to get our TAXES done!

Stressful, yes, very much so for many of us... Going through this myself I was in need for a great smelling essential oil blend that I could wear to the accountant's office and diffuse while I was sorting through massive piles of receipts, paperwork, and taking inventory.

More important than smelling great, it needs to be BENEFICIAL and keep my anxiety down with less stress. After searching, I noticed that many anti-stress blends available online contain essential oils that have absolutely no calming properties in them whatsoever. How is that supposed to help? It's not.

So, I went straight to my favorite resource for essential oil knowledge at and created my own blend... Why?

1. It's not that hard
b. Given the right tools you can accomplish anything.
III. I like to make messes

Not only did I take the UEOS Basic Course (which is amazing) but I have the digital copy of the Top 60 Essential Oil Profiles that you can find here with a sample AND I am getting my spiral bound copy soon, which you can pre-order here.

This blend is safe for inhalation around kids (over 2), pregnant and breastfeeding women, and dogs (sorry to my fellow cat lovers)! Yes, I found all of that in the UEOS Top 60 Essential Oil Profiles book - which in my opinion - everyone needs!

Hopefully this blend helps you as much as it has helped me during tax season and if you haven't checked out our "Taxation Relaxation" Sale here - you totally should, because you can get awesome essential oil jewelry on sale, support a small business, and help me pay my tax bill! LOL Just kidding, kinda, not really!

Warp Speed Ahead My Friends - STAY OILY!

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  • Sounds so wonderful..just need a sub for nerol

    Robin Archer on

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