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The Story Behind The Oily Amulet

Welcome to our shop! We opened our original Etsy Shop in March of 2015 and The Oily Amulet has proudly shipped over 2500 orders with over 500 FIVE-Star Reviews from our amazing customers. We decided to expand our shop to this web shop in order to be able to bring our amazing essential oil necklaces and jewelry to even more people!

How did we get started?

As a formally trained artist, graphic designer, photographer, and dabbler of fashion design I decided to use my backgrounds to create functional & fashionable Essential Oil Jewelry after finding a passion and healthfulness in the "World of Essential Oils". 

It all happened when going through some health issues, being diagnosed with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and no longer being able to work outside of the home. My passion for essential oils kept growing and I wanted to be able to carry my oils with me, but without having to carry along a bottle in my purse. I love jewelry and started playing around with the idea of "diffusing" jewelry. This wasn't something new, but the essential oil jewelry available was nothing that I personally wanted to wear, and I needed to create something unique, functional, and fun. That was when The Oily Amulet was born! It took me a month to come up with the name and another two weeks to create the logo. :)

The original idea was to incorporate semi-precious stones into the jewelry, as some cultures believe that these stones can have healing properties - not just look pretty! An idea that the customer should have an option to CHOOSE their own stones based on style or need and three different collections. The Original, The Signature, and The Exclusive Collections. All collections are based on my own drawings, style, and original thoughts and ideas. As a graphic designer, appearance is a lot, and that is why I spend hours upon hours designing, printing, and cutting my own packaging to ensure that the customer is getting something special. Not just a necklace tossed into a bag, quality is everything, and no one is just buying a beautiful necklace, it's an all-encompassing experience.

The Exclusive Collection has been the latest edition and is very special to me, because all pieces in this collection were designed by me with my essential oil loving customers in mind. Each piece starts with a piece of paper and my pencil, after that I vectorize the pencil design until it's ready to be produced. These designs are only available at The Oily Amulet and are copyrighted material by me.

I love designing and making jewelry, but most of all I love the fact that I can share this functional and fashionable jewelry with people that can appreciate the handmade quality and creativity that has gone into each piece.

The Oily Amulet is an expression of my heart & soul, each piece is an extension of this.

Thank you for visiting us at The Oily Amulet,

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