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Thanks to their medicinal and health properties, essential oils have been well-known and recognized for centuries. Extracted from various parts of plants and herbs – flowers, barks, roots, resin, and peels – they possess powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils have been known to alleviate symptoms of insomnia, relieve tension and anxiety, treat the symptoms of stubborn migraines, improve digestion and more.


Aromatherapy is a particular type of natural treatment, based on the potent properties of various essential oils. We all know how powerful a scent can be: just recognizing the aroma of your mother’s perfume can instantly make you feel at home and certain aromas do more than that: they can actually improve your overall health and well-being! Essential oils have been used to relieve various mental and physical problems, and their benefits can go far beyond their appealing smell. Studies have demonstrated that symptom of anxiety can be reduced by simply inhaling essential oils. Aromatherapy also eases depressive episodes and boosts energy levels, and can banish your persistent headaches while improving your sleep, memory and cognitive abilities.

Aromatherapy has been used for quite some time as a way to soothe and revitalize the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils are predominantly used in skin care but the easiest way to take full advantage of their benefits is by inhaling the molecules via aromatherapy. Inhaling essential oils has been shown to help with memory retention – the brain area that is responsible for scent and smells has a direct connection to the hippocampus and amygdala, which are associated with memory formation and retrieval and emotional processing, respectively. Additionally, aromatherapy with various essential oils has been extremely effective at relieving headaches and migraines and can help relieve the chronic stress that is often a precursor to such health problems.

Aromatherapy with essential oils such as sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver can also improve the quality of your sleep. Inhalation can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, banishing insomnia and helping you feel more refreshed every morning. As a result, it’s not surprising that users of aromatherapy also report higher energy levels throughout the day and tend to feel happier and more revitalized.

Aromatherapy Jewelry

In fact, aromatherapy can be so effective at helping you feel better that people have come up with enormously creative ways to take advantage of its benefits at all times. Aromatherapy jewelry is specifically designed to allow you to take a bit of essential oil everywhere you go; much like having your own signature scent, the smell of your favorite essential oils can keep you stimulated and energized or focused and calm throughout the day.

Thanks to the huge success of essential oil jewelry, there is a myriad of options available. Essential oil diffuser necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings – pick your favorite accessory (all of them have the same amazing properties)! These items are created with both aesthetics and functionality in mind so that you can look stylish while reaping all the amazing health benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oil jewelry is a discreet and fashionable way to enjoy your essential oils wherever you go!

Benefits of aromatherapy jewelry

Perhaps the greatest advantage of essential oil jewelry is that they enable you to inhale the essential oil molecules on the go – whenever and wherever you want. If you’re a busy professional or someone who’s on the go most of the time, carrying a bag full of droppers, bottles of oils and cotton balls might not be the best option. Many people also opt out of using a diffuser because they share an office space or a flat and don’t feel comfortable inhaling in the company of friends or colleagues. Aromatherapy jewelry provides an easy solution – diffuser necklaces enable you to keep your oils close at all times.

Inhaling essential oils using your jewelry is incredibly easy. You don’t need any preparation whatsoever: all you need to do is remember to breathe in deeply whenever you feel the need for almost instant benefit. Due to their volatile nature, essential oils diffuse rapidly into the air when used in jewelry, which means you can easily inhale the molecules without having to apply the essential oils directly on your skin. What’s more, feeling your jewelry around your neck or wrist will remind you to take a relaxing breath every now and then.

How can aromatherapy jewelry help you lead a better and happier life

The refreshing scent of your favorite essential oil is not only a pleasant aroma you can enjoy throughout the day but the best way to improve your health and well-being.


Put an end to the headaches

Recurrent headaches can be a real nightmare – imagine trying to keep your mental focus while struggling with a pounding ache in your skull. Simply wearing your aromatherapy jewelry throughout the day can relieve the symptoms of cluster headaches or full-blown migraine. It also improves your cognition and promotes better sleep (which also translates to fewer headaches!) If you don’t have time to go to your local spa for a weekly aromatherapy session, as many of us don’t, opt for an essential oil diffuser necklace or a diffuser bracelet that will always be on hand to relieve the pain!


Sleep like a baby

A surprisingly large portion of the adult population is plagued by an inability to fall or remain asleep. If you frequently have troubles sleeping at night, you know that sleep deprivation can have debilitating effects ranging from chronic fatigue, loss of mental focus and concentration, to irritability, and even short-term memory loss. Luckily, aromatherapy can relieve these symptoms and improve the quality of your sleep. The most wide-spread use of essential oils for better sleep is simply applying a few drops to your pillow or making your own pillow spray, but why wait till the evening? If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related difficulties, the easiest way to give yourself a good night’s sleep is by wearing an aromatherapy necklace around your neck throughout the day – and keep your pendant under the pillow at night.

Essential oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and coriander possess powerful sedative properties and are  amazing essential oils to be used in a blend for sleep. Wearing an aromatherapy necklace infused with one of them can encourage sleep and alleviate symptoms of insomnia (if you’re struggling to fall asleep or wake up often during the night). They’re also great for soothing you while relaxing your mind and body before you go to sleep so you can doze off the moment your head hits the pillow!


Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, chances are that aromatherapy can provide you with symptom relief, while also improving the quality of your life. Battling chronic feelings of stress or depression can be difficult if you’re only using aromatherapy once or twice a week and stress can occur at most inconvenient times and places. Therefore, the easiest way to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils is by carrying them around wherever you go.

Diffuser necklaces are the most efficient way to do this – they allow for unobtrusive oiling for those around you, and can be an invaluable aid in treating depression and chronic anxiety. Even though it shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone treatment, especially if you’re diagnosed with a mental health disorder, aromatherapy jewelry can do wonders as a complementary treatment. Look for aromatherapy bracelets or necklaces, infused with peppermint, chamomile, lavender or jasmine oils, which are well-recognized for their soothing, relaxing and energizing properties.

Keep your mind sharp and your memory – even sharper

As already explained, there’s an anatomical relationship between the brain areas that process scent and those that deal with memories and emotions. This is why aromatherapy is so successful at improving memory function and preventing the short-term memory loss effects of chronic stress. Rosemary oil, for instance, is amongst the most recommended essential oils thanks to its memory-enhancing effects. Aromatherapy is often considered as a complementary treatment in cases of age-related dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; moreover, studies have shown that it could also be beneficial to younger users as it boosts their memory capacity and improves learning. Carry a necklace, infused with rosemary oil, to ensure your mind and memory remain as sharp as they’ve always been and boost your productivity and problem-solving skills!


Forget about digestion problems

Feeling bloated, or suffering from indigestion, constipation or slow metabolism? It was just recently that this area of aromatherapy began receiving recognition from the scientific community. Citrus essential oils have been shown to promote faster metabolism and banish the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome such as bloating and constipation. Aromatherapy with ginger, dill and chamomile can also be beneficial and what better way to ensure your digestive system works seamlessly than to carry a diffuser necklace around with you at all times?

Known and used for their medicinal properties for thousands of years, essential oils have undergone a recent “re-discovery”. Aromatherapy is becoming more and more popular – and, thanks to aromatherapy jewelry, more and more accessible. If you’re struggling with poor quality of sleep, headaches, digestive problems or any general health concerns, consider investing in a diffuser necklace or jewelry that also doubles as a stunning fashion accessory!


In conclusion

Wearing essential oil diffuser jewelry can be an amazing and effective way to enjoy the benefits of your favorite essential oils no matter where you go. They give everyone a discreet, fun, unique, and fashionable way to take essential oils with you all day!

The Oily Amulet provides a wide selection of aromatherapy jewelry from the ever popular diffuser necklace to diffuser bracelets in all different styles for everyone. Start wearing essential oil jewelry today and begin to feel all of the benefits that it can bring to you and your family!