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The Oily Amulet Packaging

Small Touches Because We Care

If you've ordered from The Oily Amulet, you have experienced our "with care & personalized" packaging. OA Customers are not just a number or dollar amount and everyone matters to us, no matter how large or small the order. That's why we acknowledge each person and that their experience from start to finish should make them happy and make them feel cared for.

This mutual respect is lost with so many larger companies or places that simply see customers as a number and not as a unique individual. As The Oily Amulet continues to grow, this will always remain important to us, because we strive for success as we know our customer happiness is the true reason behind our growth.

Each piece is lovingly made, quality checked multiple times, and then packaged with the utmost love & care. Please take the time to watch some of the videos below on The Oily Amulet essential oil jewelry packaging process. 

It's another one of the many reasons why The Oily Amulet stands out among other essential oil jewelry businesses and we hope you get to experience the difference soon.


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