The Oily Amulet

The Oily Amulet was established in 2015 with just a passion for essential oils, jewelry, art and an artist's dream. I'm very proud that we were one of the first store's creating essential oil jewelry and the first to design an entirely exclusive and copyrighted collection of pieces. Unfortunately with the onset of COVID and in a struggling economy we have had to make some tough decisions. As a small business owner, it's been heartwrenching needing to evaluate something so close to my heart, but it is currently in the best interest of The Oily Amulet to shut down, temporarily or possibly for good in the worst case scenario. My heart is with all of the amazing people that I've met through the years who have been so kind and generous with their words and love for the jewelry that I have so painstakingly tried to bring them on a whole new personal and spiritual level. If you wish to contact me, please seek out our Facebook page and send me a messsage. I'd love to hear from you. Many people through the years have thought that The Oily Amulet was a large company, but it's always just been one lady behind the wheel trying her best and working the hardest she could. Thank you for all of the support these last five years, it means the world to me. Stay safe, DeShea