The Watcher - Oily Amulet Signature - Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace - 20 inch - Silver Tone - Black Onyx and Grey/Black Marble

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The Oily Amulet Signature Style

This intriguing necklace displays a beautiful silver toned "watcher" locket, adorned with two black onyx stone beads and one somewhat square black/grey marble stone. Removal of locket is easy when you're ready to apply more oil to the diffuser pad within locket, just unlatch the lobster clasp on end of necklace and slide off! Chain is approximately 20in. Packaged on a custom necklace card and placed in a resealable cellophane bag.

MATCHING EARRINGS available for purchase under options. They are also made with Marble and black onyx. Color, size, shape may vary for stone to stone.

Marble and black onyx come together as "The Watcher", watches over the wearer. Promoting Serenity and repelling negativity - enhancing the mind to see clearly and aid in control.

Comes with 3 (three) felt diffuser pads in various colors. Felt is a natural blend of 35% Merino Wool & 65% Rayon.

Semi-Precious Gemstones are prized for their beauty and healing properties within some cultures. These gemstone beads are NATURAL, not synthetic or plastic. Please keep in mind that as a natural item each bead is unique in coloring and characteristic, this is part of what makes them so beautiful! If interested you can look into the added possible benefits of these stones, but I've included a brief synopsis of each stone below.

Stone Benefits:

Moss Agate: Prosperity, New Beginnings, Balance in life

Pink Jade: Serenity, Longevity, Wisdom

Turquoise: Protection, Anti-Anxiety, Good Fortune

Rose Quartz: Love, Inner Peace, Forgiveness

Labradorite: Focus & Clarity, Creativity, Repels Negativity

Amethyst: Serenity, Anti-Stress, Spiritual Insight

Black Onyx - Grounding, Repels Negativity, Emotional Strength

Yellow Jade - Digestion, Luck, Prosperity

Lapis Lazuli - Memory, Harmony, Enlightenment

Sodalite - Inner Peace, Intuition, Creativity

Marble - Clarity, Serenity, Self-Control

We will be adding more semi-precious gemstone choices as our shop grows. Please message me with any questions that you might have about this or any other item. As an artist, designer, and small business owner my first priority is always to my customer and knowing that they are pleased with the creations that I can offer them.